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raphtory is the new version of Raphtory, rethinking several aspects of the underlying graph model and algorithm API.

This is a temporal graph analytics engine, built natively in rust with full support in python!

You can create and analyse graphs as easy as this in python:

from raphtory import Graph
g = Graph(1)
g.add_edge(0, "Ben", "Hamza", {"type": "friend"})
g.add_edge(1, "Hamza", "Haaroon", {"type": "friend"})

Raphtory can be installed using pip:

pip install raphtory

We also have supporting for building from source and installing the rust version, please see installed.

If you want to dive headfirst into the API’s you can visit the Python and Rust docs.

If you would like a brief summary of what it’s used for before fully diving into the getting start guide please check out our latest talks and blogs on the Raphtory website.