PageRank(dampingFactor:Double = 0.85, iterateSteps:Int = 100)

Compute PageRank for all nodes

Page Rank algorithm ranks nodes depending on their connections to determine how important the node is. This assumes a node is more important if it receives more connections from others. Each vertex begins with an initial state. If it has any neighbours, it sends them a message which is the initial label / the number of neighbours. Each vertex, checks its messages and computes a new label based on: the total value of messages received and the damping factor. This new value is propogated to all outgoing neighbours. A vertex will stop propogating messages if its value becomes stagnant (i.e. has a change of less than 0.00001) This process is repeated for a number of iterate step times. Most algorithms should converge after approx. 20 iterations.


dampingFactor: Double = 0.85

Probability that a node will be randomly selected by a user traversing the graph, defaults to 0.85.

iterateSteps: Int = 100

Maximum number of iterations for the algorithm to run.


prlabel: Double

PageRank of the node


vertex name


name: String

prlabel: Double

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