NodeList(properties: Seq[String] = Seq.empty[String], defaults: Map[String, Any] = Map.empty[String, Any]) NodeList(properties: String*) NodeList(defaults: Map[String, Any], properties: String*) : Write out nodes with selected properties to table with optional default values

The first column in the table is the node’s name and the other columns correspond to the selected properties

Property names are looked up on a node’s computational state first and then in a node’s property. This means that this algorithm can be used as the last step in an algorithm chain to include output of intermediate results or non-default state. It is also useful as the base class for custom algorithms that should return a table of vertex states as result.


properties: Seq[String]

Sequence of property names

defaults: Map[String, Any]

Map from property names to default values (if a property name is not found on a node, it is first looked up in defaults, and if not found there, set to None)


vertex name


name: String

value: Any