PyRaphtory - Python (With Conda)


  • Conda, Install from here


An easy way to install pyraphtory is via conda.

  1. Create a conda environment

conda create --name raphtoryenv python=3.9.13 -c conda-forge
  1. Activate the environment

conda activate raphtoryenv
  1. Install java and jupyter

conda install -y openjdk==11.0.15 jupyterlab -c conda-forge
  1. In a seperate terminal window, download and run Apache Pulsar

conda activate raphtoryenv
wget "" -O pulsar.tar.gz
tar -xf pulsar.tar.gz
./apache-pulsar-2.10.1/bin/pulsar standalone

  1. Install dependencies and pyraphtory

pip install pandas pemja cloudpickle
pip install -i pyraphtory==0.2.0a1